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I recommend Shotcut - Powerful video editing software - has NSIS based installer and should be
able to install itselves silently

PatchMyPC download the (wrong) x86 version and renamed it to "...x64...". Visual Code Update in c:\program files failed with error: can not update x64 bit program with the x86 version.

An existing German Thunderbird x64 version will be overwritten (i.e. updated) by the US-x64 version despite "German" settings.

Hi everythere,

Every time I start the program Java 8 Update 261 (x86) is identified as old version and patched, although the latest version is already installed.

Kind regards,

Ronald Arnold
IT Senior consultant

Dear colleagues,

WinMerge-2.16.6-x64-Setup.exe or WinMerge-2.16.6-x86-Setup.exe is available for DL
and it fixes a couple of bugs. Should be supported by PatchMyPC because it is a very handy
and common tool in the developer and IT power user community


Ronald, CIO

Hi Justin,

me again ;-)

something went wrong downloading and updating the irfanview software:

Patch My PC | Definitions: 15-May-2019 | 16.05.2019 11:40:03
Download URL:
Failed to get download information for IrfanView 4.53 (x64) Download URL:
Patch My PC Update Complete 16.05.2019 11:40:05

Regards Ronald
3rd level support engineer

Hi everybody,

something went wrong download and updating the OC client software:

Patch My PC | Definitions: 12-May-2019 | 13.05.2019 10:53:28

Killing process ownCloud.exe for ownCloud based on user input
Download URL:
Downloading ownCloud (33,64 MB)
Download Path: D:\ivdkware\PatchMyPCITProCache\ownCloud
ownCloud Downloaded Successfully
Install Command: /S
Installing ownCloud Silently
ownCloud Failed to start installation of D:\ivdkware\PatchMyPCITProCache\ownCloud
Deleted corrupt installer: D:\ivdkware\PatchMyPCITProCache\ownCloud

Patch My PC Update Complete 13.05.2019 10:53:49

Regards Ronald
3rd level support engineer

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