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Hi - the BOINC installation process allows you to specify a different data storage location rather than the default C drive.

If you have previously configured BOINC to use a different drive, then use PatchMyPC to install an update, it configures BOINC to use the default drive. This makes your BOINC setup unusable - cannot run the projects you had configured and your history has disappeared. Note that your data is still there (in my case on drive f:), but that the new installation has no idea where it is.

The only fix is to uninstall BOINC and reinstall it and specify the location where your data resides
(this may help https://boinc.mundayweb.com/wiki/index.php?title=How_to_set_up_BOINC_on_another_drive ).

When I first start PatchMyPC on my laptop it erroneously detects a number of outdated apps and some that do need to be updated. Clicking on the Perform Updates button causes it to try to create a restore point and then it goes into an endless loop.

PathMyPC worked pretty reliably (with only the creat restore point feature not working) up until a few weeks ago.

Is there any way to completely delete all traces of the program (.ini files, etc.) so I can reinstall it?
7-ZIP is shown as needing to install version 18.01 when version 18.05 is already installed. This occurs on just one of my computers. Both are running the latest Windows 10, April 2018.
Malwarebytes is shown as needing to install when the version shown on Patchmypc is already installed. This occurs on both my computers running the latest Windows 10, April 2018.
I am running Version3.2.0.0 on a Win 10 64 bit pc.

I turned on this option a week or so ago and have ran Path My PC successfully a few times with a number of updates applied.

It does gave the following message when I ran it today

"Creating a system restore point please wait

Patch My PC | Definitions: 16-August-2017 | 2017-08-17 3:19:21 AM
Operating System:  Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64

Downloading Firefox x64 (35.43 MB)
Firefox x64 Downloaded Successfully
Installing Firefox x64 Silently
Install Successful for Firefox x64

Patch My PC Update Complete 2017-08-17 3:19:31 AM"

But no restore point was created.

I have turned on System protection for two drives. i can create a restore point manually from Control Panel - System - System Properties - System Protection.

Am I missing something?