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ok, thanks,
I don't have a problem with 32-bit updates for the time being,
it will be changed to the 64-bit sometime (by itslef or windows) anyway  :)
let's say I'm running version 1 and there's version 2 out,
but I'm running 64-bit and the update is for 32-bit,
your app unistalls 64-bit and installs 32-bit update,
which I don't think is correct,
since I'm running 64-bit, I'm interested only in 64-bit updates,
it happened before too
yes please, definitely!
I downloaded dos something from the app and when I tried to run it, it wanted to install itself
well I tried, but as you said, using patchmypc, portable apps are only downloaded and not installed  ???
can somebody help with this?

I've got plenty of them, installed (the most of them at least) via the portableapps platform
even though I've set another path installed (and in another drive/partition),
they aren't detected

I even restarted the app but still not detected