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No Categories

Started by Jason, October 26, 2022, 05:51:22 AM

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Quote from: coover on October 28, 2022, 06:18:28 PM
Quote from: robwolfe on October 28, 2022, 06:07:40 PMI heard from Justin and was told "Omar let our engineering know, and we should be able to get this resolved in a future update".

I hope that update will be soon. I cannot imagine that adding the categories again would be a difficult programing problem. It would (I think) only require a few lines (the categories) to be added back to the program and other lines moved to fit the categories.

Let's see about future updates. I hope it gets changed I mean I understand a new look but "What ain't broke don't fix"


As an experiment I used the new version on a friend's machine. I found it very difficult to use. I can not image why it was changed. I can not see a new user staying with it.


I agree with everyone else. Taking away the categories really threw me for a loop. It makes it look way worse and more difficult to find other things that you need. Please bring the groups back or at least let it be an Option. Thanks!


Fully agree, let's hope it returns in future updates


I am authistic and now with the categories removed, I can't find my way in the applist anymore. :(
The categories gave the app structure, now that's gone.
I suppose I am not the only one with this problem.
Do as robwolfe suggested and give the user the option to use categories or just one big (unstructured) list.


Merlin makes a point.

I also recommended users who are not computer proficient to use PatchMyPC to install needed software. With the categories, it's easier to find out which software is available.


I also strongly dislike this change introduced in version and I've created another thread on the Report Bugs and Issues forum on this subject.

The other notable change that's occurred in version is the removal of numerous applications from the list of software (the full list can be found here), some of which don't make sense as I don't believe they have been "discontinued" nor has anything changed with their installers to make them "incompatible".


I already notified an moderator


What an absolute mess this now is.

Before, I'd open it, browsers: check, check... multimedia: check, check... Utilities: Check, Check, Check... Etc...  Done.  Awesome.

I never really had to think...  Everything was logically sorted and it gives you an easy pattern to follow... Which is what you need if you're doing this stuff a lot... Which almost all of us PMPC users are...

Now:  Open it...  Errrr...  brain ache.  Dyslexia doesn't help...  Miss many items...  Have to open it later when i know there missing...  Swear A LOT!


The ONLY issue with the categories, was that the utilities one was a little too big... It needed to be split up a bit.  That's all.

This is an absolutely amazingly useful bit of software!
But completely buggered by the removal of categories.

I hope that the person that suggested this change, and the manager who signed it off both have to wear a dunce's cap for one whole month.

I look forward to our beloved PMPC returning to its former glory.


Fully agree! Patch My PC, as stated in this 2-page thread now. It was way better before this new version with Categories.


Hi, I'm new here.  Been using Patch My PC for quite some time and must admit its my go to place when I want to try out new software and to rely on for updating existing software.

I've been using PC's, more or less since they became affordable and available to the general public and am considdered to be a bit of an expert.  I offer free advice and help to friends and collegues with both software and hardware.

I'm adding to this thread my support for the previous comments, please bring back catagories, they're invaluable to newbies and not so newbies alike.  I was recommending your software to people, but feel i cannot now, due to it just being a list of annonymous and meaningless software titles.


I have been using Patchmypc for at least two years. I ignored the minor problems. I hoped it would improve in the next version. But I came here because I could not accept the removal of the categories. Categories are very useful when installing in a new pc. Also to discover beautiful apps


I do the major work now with UCheck free. Recommended me three updates PatchMyPC didn't and has categories. And allows you to install new software you don't already have on your system.


Thanks let me have a look at that.