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Users of patch my PC - adobe reader has duplicate entries/instances for the same

Started by Kevin243, April 22, 2021, 10:51:17 PM

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Hey all,

Just tinkering with Patch my PC and wondering if anyone else has run into this - there's two instances of Adobe Reader DC that seem to be exactly alike, and all of my googling is returning no results as to why they exist. We only need the one instance of it, so I presume I could just delete all of the entries except for one.

Additionally, there's multiple instances of updates being created for each app - and I don't know why. I would've thought there'd only be one entry for the base app, and one for whatever the latest version of the program is - and additionally the syntax seems wrong (for eg '"update for adobe acrobat reader dc update 20.etc' instead of just "Update for Adobe ACrobate reader 20.etc"