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Scheduled task won't run on schedule

Started by Ryan2, September 09, 2020, 10:01:18 AM

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I'm working at a small non-profit organization where we are trying to use the free updater for keeping all our PCs up to date.
Sadly i have run into the problem that i my scheduled task will only run on demand, and not on the set schedule.
When it runs on the schedule it does start the program (it shows up in task manager) but it doesn't update any programs or write anything to the log.
When i right-click the task and clicks run manually, the program starts up in the background as it should an updates all the programs it should.

Some info:
I'm running the task every day at noon
I'm using the system account to run the task since most of our users don't have admin privileges.
The task is running C:\PatchMyPC\PatchMyPC.exe /silent
In the log from the scheduled tasks i can see there's a difference between running it on schedule and on demand. When i run it on demand, i get an extra event with the ID 110:  Task Scheduler launched the "{c85af11d-9f7d-4f20-b71b-1927368a412c}" instance of task "\PatchMyPC" for user "System" .

Hope someone can help me solve this problem, i'm can't really think of any reason why it shouldn't work on the schedule, when it works fine on demand, but guess there's something i'm missing