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Uncheck any of them on the left you don't want to update when updating. This should skip those softwares during the update.
Categories made for easy installing of apps on a fresh install of Windows, going section by section and installing what's needed. It also made it "fun" to explore what apps were in each category to check out. I don't really understand the decision to remove the different categories. It just makes a giant mess of a list with no real indication of what each item is since there's no descriptions either. So you just kind of have to "know what you're looking for" - and it makes it easy to miss things since, you know, there's no categories to quickly skim through easily. Sigh.
This is an alternative for Windows Explorer, a little simpler than MultiCommander, allowing tabs, bookmarks, etc. The app has version numbers in the filename (for easy updating) and is completely portable.

Came here to request this! Definitely hope it meets criteria.