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This was confusing me for a while, why show outdated software if you can't update it?

I thought the bug was that I had to select and update the software manually but that just installed the 32 bit version and still left me with the notice of the outdated 64 bit version.
I think I solved my issue, I at some point installed chrome via an msi installer and that screwed with the version numbering somehow. It also made it impossible for patchmypc to ignore somehow.
Uninstalled and reinstalled and that solved it.
I have the same problem, it always think i have 49.0.2623.87.
And another thing, every time I add Chrome to the "do not update" list it doesn't stay added the next time I run start the updater.
This is only an issue on one of my computers, can give more info if you want.

Speaking of Chrome, if the update was silent and didn't start Chrome afterwards I would be very happy. This happens on all PCs I believe.