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Unable to untick or right-click an item in the list of apps....

Started by freemanteve, October 01, 2022, 08:07:09 AM

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PatchMyPC works well for me, but I have an irritating issue whereby I have an app installed - Handbrake - which I cannot prevent from always trying to install an earlier version of the app.

I cannot right click on it or untick it in the left-hand pane.

The last officially supported version of Handbrake for Win 8.1 is 1.4.2, but I am using 1.5.1 with no problems - this may be the source the problem - see picture.

Is there a way to force an exception in these cases?

Note also that MS "snipping tool" cannot get a screen image of PatchMyPC, as PMPC resets the left-pane to the top of the list as soon as you try to screen capture. Hence my poor photo.


Similar problem.  Win7, have Handbrake 1.3.1 installed, 1.3.3 would be the last version for Win7, can't untick Hanbrake 1.5.1 and it's greyed out. 

Can't take a printscreen or screen capture.