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Defer policy when managing conflicting processes

Started by Shuvs, September 03, 2022, 02:50:46 PM

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I am trying to find out more information on :-
Notifiction Policy > Allow the user to defer the installation > Defer Policy > up to x times

The question I am trying to find out infromation on is how on a shared workstation it handles this type of setting for an application.

If I am logged into the device and I receive the prompt and choose to defer the installation and at that point log off and never log on to the device again does it never install the application as its still waiting to prompt me again.
Or when the next user logs in do they start with a new deferal prompt count or does it do it based on prompts for the machine?

We have alot of devices where we have up to 100 users logging in to shared workstations and I need to understand the deferal prompt process more.

I am suspecting that I need to change it possibly to use First nothing displayed + x days instead maybe?

I hope I have posed this question/issue correctly so that someone can assist me.

Kind Regards

Ben Reader (Patch My PC)


The deferral policy is stored system-wide - thus, the deferral limit is global and not scoped to a particular user.

In the scenario of shared user devices, it may be best to take a more aggressive approach to updating software - schedule the deployments to a specific update window and force the software to shut down if it is running.