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Unistall Python

Started by Aleksander, February 25, 2022, 02:51:15 AM

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I distribute pyhon through the company portal/intune thanks to patchmypc. But when someone wants to delete the app, this is not possible, it can only be reinstalled in the company portal, and in the program and functions it is not visible that this app exists.

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)


The company portal does not currently allow uninstalls, only reinstalls.

The vendor should produce an entry in Add and Remove Programs though. What version of Python are you seeing this with? I'll test.



python 3.9.9150 (x86) no possibilty to uninstall form company portal, program&fetures or from "Add/Remove Program List Windows"

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)


Just to reiterate my previous comment: The company portal does not currently allow uninstalls, only reinstalls. Therefore it is expected you cannot uninstall from the Company Portal.

I just installed (see attached) and I can see an entry in Add and Remove Programs.

Can you run the following PowerShell script and share the .csv it produces? This will show specifically what software you have installed: https://github.com/PatchMyPCTeam/CustomerTroubleshooting/blob/Release/PowerShell/Export-PMPCUninstallRegistryHives.ps1


DisplayName   DisplayVersion   PSChildName   Publisher   InstallDate   UninstallString   QuietUninstallString
Python 3.9.0 Core Interpreter (64-bit)   {92F322B1-D69A-43D1-82B4-24ADEBE5C650}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{92F322B1-D69A-43D1-82B4-24ADEBE5C650}   
Python 3.9.0 Development Libraries (64-bit)   {E73FE192-7766-49FA-B28A-32F700D98A15}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{E73FE192-7766-49FA-B28A-32F700D98A15}   
Python 3.9.0 Documentation (64-bit)   {35E94198-B9F1-4D1E-A869-636AD5E6BCA8}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{35E94198-B9F1-4D1E-A869-636AD5E6BCA8}   
Python 3.9.0 Executables (64-bit)   {A9F718BA-8B5F-4AE7-ADDA-EFFF431948DB}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{A9F718BA-8B5F-4AE7-ADDA-EFFF431948DB}   
Python 3.9.0 pip Bootstrap (64-bit)   {27FF09D8-6DE6-4F63-A3DD-8758D615D543}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{27FF09D8-6DE6-4F63-A3DD-8758D615D543}   
Python 3.9.0 Standard Library (64-bit)   {42480EE5-670F-4AF3-A619-2E761A398340}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{42480EE5-670F-4AF3-A619-2E761A398340}   
Python 3.9.0 Tcl/Tk Support (64-bit)   {4460A893-EFF6-4B33-BF21-BAA2159F57E6}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{4460A893-EFF6-4B33-BF21-BAA2159F57E6}   
Python 3.9.0 Test Suite (64-bit)   {9141E990-BD45-4F42-BB32-B3012969355D}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{9141E990-BD45-4F42-BB32-B3012969355D}   
Python 3.9.0 Utility Scripts (64-bit)   {35DC2DFB-0AEA-4DC2-AFA5-4EA2D2612B51}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{35DC2DFB-0AEA-4DC2-AFA5-4EA2D2612B51}   
Python 3.9.9 Core Interpreter (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {C16D8007-2E69-4A13-B801-D8C78D8D6C1C}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{C16D8007-2E69-4A13-B801-D8C78D8D6C1C}   
Python 3.9.9 Development Libraries (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {919E3B96-E0C9-4E77-A872-E2BE31E3CCA3}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{919E3B96-E0C9-4E77-A872-E2BE31E3CCA3}   
Python 3.9.9 Documentation (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {FA05D2FE-9C5E-4DC1-8434-C93F390FAE14}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{FA05D2FE-9C5E-4DC1-8434-C93F390FAE14}   
Python 3.9.9 Executables (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {AA6C7533-2F60-4865-BE62-EC981A4FC8BC}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{AA6C7533-2F60-4865-BE62-EC981A4FC8BC}   
Python 3.9.9 pip Bootstrap (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {8C5F38D1-8A9F-4963-BE1A-285020DBC6E3}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{8C5F38D1-8A9F-4963-BE1A-285020DBC6E3}   
Python 3.9.9 Standard Library (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {B50BC36B-3C19-491C-9CF8-BC5C384D70F2}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{B50BC36B-3C19-491C-9CF8-BC5C384D70F2}   
Python 3.9.9 Tcl/Tk Support (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {2AAEDAFA-E664-44FB-9C73-35FEB22CB07B}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{2AAEDAFA-E664-44FB-9C73-35FEB22CB07B}   
Python 3.9.9 Test Suite (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {60E32325-06A6-4E47-8A1D-5A02F739F0AD}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{60E32325-06A6-4E47-8A1D-5A02F739F0AD}   
Python 3.9.9 Utility Scripts (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {93107D6B-ECBA-4D06-B6AC-B61502F5FD5A}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{93107D6B-ECBA-4D06-B6AC-B61502F5FD5A}   

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

Unfortunately, you have omitted important columns for me to further troubleshoot this. Please share the complete file. You're welcome to share this privately by emailing [email protected] and I'll pick it up. Mark the email "FAO: Adam" or similar.



Has the delete and uninstall feature been updated now?