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Messages - Omar (Patch My PC)

It is already up to date to 23.07 in the home updater ever since it released.
Quote from: jrp2706 on September 08, 2023, 01:51:54 AMI am a new user and am very surprised that PatchMyPC still uses Internet Explorer at all.

Surely by now you should be respecting the users browser preference or at least using Edge (& not Egde's IE emulation).

See also Wikipedia note re Windows 11 and beyond which I assume is true:

On May 19, 2021, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer will be no longer supported on June 15, 2022[a] and as part of transition, IE mode will be available on the new Microsoft Edge which allows launch older ActiveX controls and legacy websites until at least 2029.[8] Windows 11 removed Internet Explorer, although it was disabled and some of its files are still stored in Windows' Program Files folder. Users that are trying to run iexplore.exe via Run command will be redirected to Microsoft Edge.[9] Additionally, if it is run for the first time since the release of Edge Chromium, IE11 will now open a new tab that redirects to Edge's website, with a notice that "some websites no longer support Internet Explorer". Internet Explorer is also disabled on Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channel after installing February 14, 2023 security update, and visual references of the browser will be removed on June 13, 2023.

I personally prefer the Chromium based Brave browser for its enhanced Privacy features.

I am interested in your thoughts on getting rid of IE at last.



This is an 8 years old post, this was fixed almost back then in the same year.
This means you have v0.78 and v0.79 installed at the same time, it's a known issue just in this new release, you have to manually uninstall v0.78, check the note in here:
And we just added Think-cell (MSI) today.
Hello there,

We release "Think-cell (MSI)" on 07/13/2023

But we also released the following:
Think-cell (MSI) on 07/21/2023
Think-cell (MSI) on 07/25/2023
Think-cell (MSI) on 07/31/2023
Think-cell (MSI) on 08/01/2023
Think-cell (MSI) on 08/15/2023
Think-cell (MSI) on 08/16/2023

So, if you re-sync now you will get the latest update :)
Hey Penny :)  Patch My PC is only supported on Windows.
Hi there :)
If you right-click on any app you will see more options, The last one will be the main web page of the description of this app :) 
So sorry about this, This will be fixed in the next update of Patch My PC!
For now, you can right click on FileZilla and select "Disable scanning for this app"
The upcoming big release of Patch My PC will have full dark mode theme :) 
This means you are using the "User" version, if you used it the "System" version it will detect :) 
Hey there,
Thank you for the heads-up! 😊 It's updated now.
Hi there,
There is no full offline installer for the x64 of Acrobat Reader like the one we use:

The same for AVG Universal: https://files-download.avg.com/inst/mp/Antivirus_Free_x64_1818.exe

If you found them, please share them with us :) 
Thank you!
What DPI percentage are you using? and at what resolution?
Also did you change the default font of Windows?
Hi there,
KeePassXC is already in PatchMyPC Enterprise/Intune, And we will be adding it to the home updater with the next big update of the home updater :)
Supported Products: Microsoft SCCM and Intune | Patch My PC
  PuTTY 0.78 is in Patch My PC since it released! If you are seeing PuTTY 0.77 in red color, that means you have PuTTY 0.78 and PuTTY 0.77 installed at the same time and you need to manually remove PuTTY 0.77. 
If you don't have PuTTY 0.77 installed, then there must be some leftovers from that version that needs to be removed.