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Messages - Omar (Patch My PC)

Can you check again now please?
This means the app is already running while trying to update so it fails! Please make sure to fully close iCloud before updating it :)
It should be fixed now with Patch My PC, sorry about the delay!
It should be working now with Patch My PC
Sorry about that, it's fixed now :)
We don't support "Everything Toolbar"
We just support "Everything" itself ! So this is a conflict which should be fixed in the next update of Patch My PC.
Sorry about this, they have changed their silent switch! So it will be fixed soon in the next update of Patch My PC.
To be honest we tested upgrading from 0.0.309 to 1.0.9002 and it worked fine without leaving 0.0.309 behind!
So hopefully your case won't happen again anyway.
This means that you have Discord v0.0.309 still installed with the latest v1.0.9002
Try to remove 0.0.309 or restart your machine and it may fix itself.
Please check again now, we believe we just fixed it.
This means that you have (5.17 x86) installed with (5.18 x64) too !
So make sure to remove (5.17 x86), It looks like it didn't remove when you switched to (5.18 x64)
This means you have older versions of Audacity and Firefox installed alongside the latest versions!
Make sure to remove the older versions correctly, and be careful with Firefox because it might remove the old and the latest together.
Thanks for the heads up, we switched it back to v1.5.117 for now since v1.5.119 isn't available right now.
Anytime :)
Please try again now