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Messages - Omar (Patch My PC)

Latest version with "full installer" of Adobe Acrobat is v21.007.20091 which Patch My PC already have.
We are using the official download link of MP3Tag https://download.mp3tag.de/mp3tagv310setup.exe from the official website https://www.mp3tag.de/index.html
And the same for all other software we support. The message you got from Windows Defender probably was a temporary false positive since it's clean with our tests and it's clean in ViruslTotal
Quote from: highstream on September 08, 2021, 12:19:57 PM
Thanks. Now I assume it will be taken care of.

This is not a PMPC issue, PMPC only uses the official "/S" to install TeamViewer as it always did all these years without any problem.
It's working fine with every machine we have used and tested on.
You are welcome :) This may happen with other software too so be aware :)
This means you have both versions installed in the same time, try to remove the older one
You are welcome :)
You too!
We used 2.2132.69 in the version number instead of 2.2132.6 :) Sorry about that!
Can you check again now please?
This means the app is already running while trying to update so it fails! Please make sure to fully close iCloud before updating it :)
It should be fixed now with Patch My PC, sorry about the delay!
It should be working now with Patch My PC
Sorry about that, it's fixed now :)
We don't support "Everything Toolbar"
We just support "Everything" itself ! So this is a conflict which should be fixed in the next update of Patch My PC.
Sorry about this, they have changed their silent switch! So it will be fixed soon in the next update of Patch My PC.
To be honest we tested upgrading from 0.0.309 to 1.0.9002 and it worked fine without leaving 0.0.309 behind!
So hopefully your case won't happen again anyway.