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Messages - Omar (Patch My PC)

Looks like "ProtonVPN Tun" conflicts with "ProtonVPN", This will be fixed in the next update of Patch My PC.
For now you can right click on ProtonVPN and choose "Disable scanning for this app"
It comes with "Core Temp" and we are probably going to remove it soon from Patch My PC because of this since there is no way to prevent this game from installing!
Thank you for reporting this! Looks like the latest version is still 4.1.13 !
We fixed the URL, will update it again when the 4.1.14 actually releases.
Patch My PC itself will become x64 only soon, and we are thinking about making it work on Windows 10 & 11 only too since many of the applications aren't supported on 7 anymore and most of them will be discontinued on 7 and 8.1 next year when the extended paid support of Windows 7/8.1 ends after Jan 2023.
It's very dangerous to use a discontinued OS like Windows 7 nowadays.
Sorry for the late reply, this should be fixed with iTunes v12.12.2.2 now
They should be working now, sorry about that!
Sorry for the late reply 😥
Both issues are fixed in today's Patch My PC v4.2.0.5 :)
We replaced Sandboxie with Sandboxie Plus too
Paint.Net is now disabled on x86 machines in today's Patch My PC v4.2.0.5 :)
Sorry about this but Avidemux no longer has a silent switch so we will have to removed it soon from Patch My PC.
This is fixed in today's update of Patch My PC v4.2.0.5 :)
Sorry for the late reply and the late fix for this, can you guys try the new update of Patch My PC ( and let us know if this problem still exist?
You are welcome!
This is still MediaMonkey's developers fault though! They are only using "5" in the version ! I used that before in PMPC and it didn't work with some users and when I changed it to 5.0 it worked !
But that 5.0 didn't work with you and when I changed back to just 5 it worked again! Both worked for us in here so it doesn't matter for now..
The version is 5.0.2 then it should be 5.0.2 in registry not just 5 😕
And when it's 5.0.3 , 5.0.4 etc. it will still be just 5 in registry! Then PMPC won't detect it for future updates! We will use the new URL though.
I think when 5.1 releases they will update it to 5.1 ... but the same story with 5.1.0, 5.1.1, 5.1.2 etc 🤷🏻‍♂️
Can you run Patch My PC now and let me know if it's fixed?
You are welcome!

Yeah we are using the URL of this version for MediaMonkey, but it only registers as version "5" in the registry or in Add/Remove Programs !
And they actually need to fix this and add at least 5.0.2 in the registry because only "5" causes problems and won't let Patch My PC to detect all the minor updates!!
This might be your issue, but it still works fine with us!... So are you sure that you don't have any older MediaMonkey installed?
Oh I just realized that the URL is actually downloads v5.2.0 although the website says the latest is v5.2.1 !
So I checked the website for a new URL and I actually found a new one specifically for v5.2.1 !
So we just fixed this :) Sorry about that!

As for MediaMonkey we didn't find any problems with our testing !