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Thanks for confirming but my last successful sync however was on the previous Sunday. No successful Sync this Sunday and Manual Sync's are not working. Should I open a support case?
MY PMPC is no longer syncing I'm seeing the following error message when I initiate a SYNC "Failed to verify connection to the cloud: [StatusCode: 405]". When I test Intune apps\updates all looks good.

Anyone have any insight into what could be causing this?

Trying to run the WSUS "Modify Updates Wizard" to clean up Update ServicesPackages. however it just sits on Collecting Data. Currently this is running a WID Database. We are eventually Migrating to a new site which is running on SQL and that site has not issue loading the wizard. Is something needed to allow PMPC to read the WID DB?

secondary question why does PMPC download content for application updates when no Deployments have been made for the updates Autocad is consuming a lot of data in our Wsus\Updateservicespackages folder. 

ok it appears that PMPC is not updating Cisco Webex client on several of my devices. these are a mix of system and user installs. Will PMPC handle the user install update for this or is this out of scope for updates. i see them both in the HW inventory and PMPC is discovering it in the PatchMyPC-SoftwareDetectionScript.log. but the software is not being updated.

Any thoughts or ideas are welcomed.

Thankfully I had a recent version of the adobe reader dc client I had manually imported into sccm with a transform file then I just run setup.exe.  I generated the transform file using the Adobe customization wizard utility and have the adobe client set to auto update (us do need to extract the Contents from Adobe's installer and point the customization wizard at the msi file). yes this installs and older client on the build process but adobe reader phones home an auto updates within 30 min of imaging the device.

then I just use ADR rules and have PMPC update any stragglers for now along with our monthly updates if needed.
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 22.003.20258 is failing to install via the TS getting a exit code 150201 in the appenforce.log.  I have already tried the allow user interaction and still doing the same thing. any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated or if I need to gather further logs please let me know.

just wanted to post an update after reviewing the smsts.log file we could see it was attempting to install v.24 of the application but it should have been v.37 so the task sequence was trying to pull an older version of the application for some reason.

My solution was deleting the PMPC application and resyncing and re-adding the updated application back into the Task Sequence following theis artivle to remove apps and source content https://patchmypc.com/how-to-delete-applications-created-by-patch-my-pc-in-sccm

Requested logs Sent

Google Chrome is failing to install in the OSD TS. I can install the application via software center without issue.

I have other PMPC apps in the TS (7-zip and Adobe Reader DC) and those install fine.

I have done the following of exporting the WSUS cert. and adding the steps to import it into the TS

I do not see anything for Chrome in the app discovery log I will be reimaging another test device and gather the SMSTS.logs if needed.