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For the apps/updates that failed, can you please confirm you have the latest version of the installer file in your local repository?

These are local repository apps which require you to manually download the installer file and place in your local repo which is specified in the "Advanced" tab of the publisher, more info can be found here - https://patchmypc.com/local-content-repository-for-licensed-applications-that-require-manual-download


Hi Afeiner,

Could you please provide some more clarity here. Are the applications failing to publish or install?
Also is this for Intune or SCCM?


Apologies, you will want to choose the options to immediately expire the updates.

The automatically decline superseded updates is not something you can configure within the publisher. This can however be set in the Software Update Component Properties within the SCCM console itself, head to the Supersedence Rules tab and configure as shown below in the attachment on my message.

I hope this helps.

AntonyMicrosoftTeams-image (4).png

Hi Cliff,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Could you please raise a case to [email protected] and provide the relevant logs from the following link then we can take a look at what might be happening here - https://patchmypc.com/collecting-log-files-for-patch-my-pc-support




Is there any additional command line arguments you use when manually installing which helps retain the settings?

I know the config files are usually stored in this location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Fortinet\FortiClient>. Can you check to see if this file is still present?

Hi Arjan,

Since you raised the post we found a bug in our detection logic due to FileZilla changing the naming convention of the product in the latest version. This has since been fixed and will now work as intended moving forward.

Have a great day!

Could you please send the logs listed below from one of the affected devices over to [email protected].

        This may be found in the %ProgramData%\PatchMyPC\ if the Install was initiated by the user from Company Portal.

Note: Some Patch My PC log files listed above may be found in %WinDir%\CCM folder if that folder exists.
I'm so sorry, I realise now I didn't give you a method of getting them over to us!

If you could email them to [email protected] that would be awesome  :)
Could you send over the log files listed below from one of the affected devices please?

    %WinDir%\CCM\Logs\PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.log (If exist)
        This may be found in the %ProgramData%\PatchMyPC\ if the Install was initiated by the user from Software Center.
        You need to run Get-WindowsUpdateLog on Windows 8.1 and newer in PowerShell.
Good Morning,

Thank you for making us aware of this, we will take a look into it and see what's going on here.

Hi Chris,

No silly questions here :)

For application updates, the publisher will send any products you have enabled down to WSUS and then these will be pulled into SCCM on the next SUP sync that runs after our publisher sync finishes. These updates will then appear under "All Software Updates" in the SCCM console. It is then up to you how you choose to deploy these to your end user devices, but the updates will only update existing installs of the applications across your end user devices, if a device doesn't have the app installed then our detection method scripts will not pick it up so nothing will happen.

For application base installs, the publisher will send the selected products directly to your SCCM console when our publisher sync runs, again from here it is completely up to you how you deploy these to your end user devices. Under ConfigMgr apps tab in the publisher within "Options" you can choose to "update an existing apps metadata....." this would then overwrite the previous application in the console whilst retaining the set deployment.

For any available app deployments, these will still show up as available in the Software Center if they have an older version of the app installed. So if you choose the option previously mentioned, those apps will be available in the Software Center to end users that already have the app, but an older version installed.

If you would like to book a setup call, one of our engineers can run through how integration works and how the apps and updates also work and how they behave depending on how you deploy them - https://patchmypc.com/schedule-setup-call

If I can help any further then let me know.


Good Morning,

Could you please send over the logs to [email protected] and we can take a look at what's going on here.



Unfortunately not, we do not directly install any driver updates, we will allow you to deploy this app to your end user devices and from there they would need to install the driver updates from the app.
Hi Aleksander,

Could you provide some more clarity around this please?

What do you mean by the configuration? Also which platform are you deploying this from (SCCM or Intune).