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Hi - I note that as new versions come out...e.g. CCleaner 5.41 the old download 5.40 stays in the download cache folder.
Anyway of detecting this & deleting the old version downloads?
I selected a number of apps to download & cache for later install use on client pc's.
How can I tell from the Program what apps are in my cache.
Yes I can right click & see from the greyed out enable autoupdating of this app but is there some easy way to see what apps are cached?
Perhaps another sidetab where they are listed??
or perhaps a red tick or something like that at the end of the app name??
I used to use Ninite Pro & I had different offline installers for different types of pc's.
e.g. for my daytime job pc's I would install a smaller set of programs than I would on say a new pc for a computer shop customer.
One installer would include stuff like Citrix receiver, Remote Desktop.
The other installer would not include say Citrix but would include lots of other things like Thunderbird.

How can I do this in PatchMyPc?
I am thinking some option to have different "profiles" and the option to install a profile by clicking on it & saying install.