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Messages - Omar (Patch My PC)

Quote from: archie400 on May 01, 2023, 06:54:14 PMJust wondering how Fix My PC has versions later than those shown on the official product websites?
I have an indication that Winamp has a 5.92 version according to the app but, when you go to the official website, it shows 5.91.

Just curious if you can clarify, please.

Winamp v5.92 is the latest official version.
Winamp 5.9.2 Released - Winamp & Shoutcast Forums

Even the one you download it from here is 5.92 actually, they just forgot to edit the number in the website.
 Downloads - Winamp
Please try again now and let me know
Yes unfortunately, it's the same problem if you downloaded it from their website, most of their servers are too slow!
Hi there, 
You can click on "About" and under "Log File" you can view the log of everything happens from the home updater.
The installer of Paint.NET must be corrupted because its original size is around 62MB NOT 10MB as I see it in your screenshot, to fix this you need to remove it from this location so it can re-download: C:\Program Files\PMPC\PatchMyPCITProCache

 Not sure about GitHub Desktop, maybe it's a corrupted installer too.
The game stores/platforms like Steam, GOG, EA Play etc. doesn't update the version number when they auto update themselves! (If they even are in the right location as you mentioned) Also they update them frequently, so the best way here is to hide their version numbers.
They are up to date now, thank you!
Hey Daniel, 
Can you try now and let me know please? 
Thank you! It was supposed to be 102.7.0, we just fixed it.
Hey there, sorry about this.. we just fixed it :) 
These updates were added in yesterday's catalog update.
Fixed, thanks!
The check box in the "Main Software"
Yes this is the one.
No there was no switch to prevent it, and people were worried and weren't happy about that game files.
Hi Guus,
We removed Core Temp with the last update of Patch My PC v4.5 because it was always downloading a suspicious game with it.