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Currently PatchMyPC is reporting to unpdate AIMP MusicPlayer from version 5.03.2398 (Currently  Installed) to new version 5.03.2397 (the old version) previiously installed.
You can see it on attached picture.
Currently I am in trouble with the update of Notepad++ (text editor).
My Installed version is 8.4.2 and, as you can see from you log file PATCH MY PC is requesting to udate it,
from installed version 8.4.1, already twice.

- I did check and extracted registry file ( program is registered correctly ).
- I did the download and installed from original Notepad site.
- I did this twice removing previous installation or as usual installing over.
- I did the download from PATCHMYPC and manually installed.
What is going On ??
Thanks and Regards

As you can see in the image , still if a correct version ( Green text ) is present in my PC ,
the program is reporting the need to install a previous version.
Auslogics Disk Defrag Ultimate ( whick is the last fully version ) is recognized as OLD from Auslogics Disk Defrag ( whick is the standard version ). The Ultimate verbs should make some differences between the two release.