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Then I try to write my post again.

If you remove support for Java 8 and 10 you have to add an update mechanism to Java 12. (Or what ever the current supported version is)

Otherwise all users will get stuck with an vulnerable Java version. Yes you can update manually... But this is not why I use an automatic patch management.

It looks like oracle will release new Java major versions very frequently. If I have to update every time manually I don't need a patch management.
Why do you edit my post? I didn't wrote that. Wtf?
Quote from: RichardEb on July 04, 2019, 03:43:23 AM
Maybe you can download the JRE directly from Oracle and show the user the EULA (and add an remember decision button)

Not possible, the EULA is required on the download page. You should be able to use the self-update feature built into Java in the meantime.
You can't say: "Just let the old version there. Don't mind. Feeling lazy today. Maybe you get hacked later lol"
Quote from: Admin - Omar on July 04, 2019, 03:15:54 AM
We will remove Java 10 and Java 8 soon.
Latest JDK 8 & 12 is in Patch My PC under Developer section.

Why remove Java 8? It's supported till March 2025.

Removing the support is not enough. PatchMyPC should make an automatic update anyway. Java ( 8 ), 9 , 10 -> 12. Otherwise the Pc remains with an unsupported end of life Java version. This is not how I like my patch management software to work.

Ps: Then the PatchMyPC search function isn't working properly. If I search for Java it shows me only the JRE versions.
"Windows 2.22.0.windows.1" seems to be hotfix of "Windows 2.22.0". Perhaps "2.22.0.windows.1" identifies itself as "Windows 2.22.0" so PatchMyPc can't distinguish this two versions.

Ps: I have the same issue.

The support of java is very insufficient:

- No Java 11 & 12 support
- No Java JDK support
- Java 8 with outdated version

It would be very nice if you could fix this and keep an eye on it for more frequent updates.

Java is one of the most attacked softwares. So an up to date version is mandatory.


Java 10 is supported by PatchMyPC but is end of life. PatchMyPC shouldn't deliver this as an install option. Instead PatchMyPC should update Java 10 Installtions to 11 or 12 (auto-update)
I checked the PatchMyPc Uninstaller Tab. It lists also only a FileZilla 32bit version. But I'm using definitely the 64bit version. Please have a look at the attached screenshots
It is (and was) unchecked.

Edit: In the Apps list is FileZilla also listed as 32bit (no 64bit entry)

Edit2: Screenshot attached

PatchMyPC detects the FileZilla Client 64Bit Version as 32Bit Version.
QuoteFailed to get download information for FileZilla Client 3.36.0 (x86) Download URL: https://download.filezilla-project.org/client/FileZilla_3.36.0_win32-setup.exe

I can manually download the file from https://download.filezilla-project.org/client/FileZilla_3.36.0_win32-setup.exe via my browser. The second problem: PatchMyPC tries to download the 32bit version. I'm using the 64bit version and I don't want PatchMyPC to install the 32bit version.
Quote from: Justin on March 19, 2018, 12:07:13 PM
Yeah, so it you enable the scheduled task to run whether or not a user is logged in that will set PMPC to run under SYSTEM therefore it won't see any apps installed in the HKCU registry key.

Thank You. Issue can be closed...I think.
Quote from: Peace2000 on March 19, 2018, 11:20:07 AM
Newer version. I think there is no point of having multiple versions, just the latest stable release. :)

I'm fine with JDownloader 2. I just wanted to make sure that JDownloader 2 will also be supported. (JDownloader 2 is still marked as beta version)
I did some more research: Reason confirmed. Problem solved. Thanks.