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zScaler Client Connector Update wipes config

Started by XPSMattS, September 26, 2022, 03:55:56 AM

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We have just come across an issue when the "Update for Zscaler Client Connector (x64)" was pushed out via PMPC in that its completely wiped out any configuration we had from our original install which from a security point of via isn't good for an update.
To give some insight, our original install that we pushed out via intune has command line configuration that connects to the cloud our specific policy token and enforces no internet connection for our clients until they authenticate with Zscaler so we can manage internet access, but when the PMPC update was deployed it clears this config and leaves a flat install which allows all internet access without having to authenticate first.

This now looks like we are going to have to remove the existing unconfigured installs and re-install via a configured package to re-gain our security which is counter productive considering PMPC is meant to save time

Ben Whitmore (Patch My PC)

Hi there, sorry to hear you had an issue with the ZScaler update  :( 

We don't look at each vendors update to understand if extra configuration is required to keep existing application settings on a client that were configured from a base install. If the vendor releases an update that wipes your base configuration my initial thoughts are that you would need to enable the same customization on the updates tab too.

The ZScaler update is an MSI - it would makes sense that you can use the same customization for the update that you do for the base install - but this should obviously be tested to ensure you get the result you were expecting.

Unfortunately there is only so much testing we can do for each update from each vendor. It would be worth escalating this with the vendor to understand if this is expected behavior for this particular application. Again, sorry to hear how you were affected by the vendors update - if you need clarification on the above then please reach out again.