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TeamViewer 15.17.7 (MSI) - Download Issue

Started by fgn, May 18, 2021, 08:54:00 AM

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Hi everyone,

I tried to download the recent TeamViewer Update and noticed it won't download.
According to the logs, the download location is referenced as "localhost"

QuoteSyncUpdate: 127015bb-e26c-4bd3-af9e-7abffc3c04f7 - Downloading file: 'file://localhost/PatchMyPCRepository/TeamViewer_Full.msi' to 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\ISVTemp\xluyykgi.2fc\TeamViewer_Full.msi'.   SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT   18.05.2021 16:23:16   7100 (0x1BBC)
SyncUpdate: An unexpected error ocurred attempting to download content from 'file://localhost/PatchMyPCRepository/TeamViewer_Full.msi':   SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT   18.05.2021 16:23:16   3916 (0x0F4C)
SyncUpdate: ==================== Exception Detail Start =======================   SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT   18.05.2021 16:23:16   3916 (0x0F4C)
SyncUpdate: Exception type: WebException   SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT   18.05.2021 16:23:16   3916 (0x0F4C)
SyncUpdate: Exception HRESULT: -2146233079   SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT   18.05.2021 16:23:16   3916 (0x0F4C)
SyncUpdate: Exception Message: The network name cannot be found.   SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT   18.05.2021 16:23:16   3916 (0x0F4C)
SyncUpdate: Exception source System   SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT   18.05.2021 16:23:16   3916 (0x0F4C)
SyncUpdate: Exception TargetSite System.Net.WebResponse EndGetResponse(System.IAsyncResult)   SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT   18.05.2021 16:23:16   3916 (0x0F4C)
SyncUpdate: Stack    at System.Net.FileWebRequest.EndGetResponse(IAsyncResult asyncResult)~~   at System.Net.WebClient.GetWebResponse(WebRequest request, IAsyncResult result)~~   at System.Net.WebClient.DownloadBitsResponseCallback(IAsyncResult result)~~--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---~~   at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw()~~   at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)~~   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.ISVUpdatesSyncAgent.DownloadManager.Request.<DownloadFileAsync>d__24.MoveNext()   SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT   18.05.2021 16:23:16   3916 (0x0F4C)
SyncUpdate: ===================== Exception Detail End ========================   SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT   18.05.2021 16:23:16   3916 (0x0F4C)
SyncUpdate: WebException status : 'UnknownError   SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT   18.05.2021 16:23:16   3916 (0x0F4C)
SyncUpdate: 127015bb-e26c-4bd3-af9e-7abffc3c04f7 - Download of update 127015bb-e26c-4bd3-af9e-7abffc3c04f7 failed, unable to continue   SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT   18.05.2021 16:23:16   3916 (0x0F4C)

Catalog was updated just before the the log was created

I guess I can't fix that on my side.

Thank you!

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

Some products in our catalogue depend on a local folder, referred to as the 'local content repository'. Read more here: https://patchmypc.com/local-content-repository-for-licensed-applications-that-require-manual-download


Hi Adam,
I am sorry, I've been sleeping on this for way too long. Thanks for the clarification. It works now just like expected!
Thank you very much.