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Recommendation for PMPC Intune updates deployment

Started by JoeH, August 16, 2023, 09:27:58 AM

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We currently have a large number of application updates assigned to All Users in Intune via PMPC.  Unfortunately, assigning to All Users is causing the Autopilot process to take an extremely long time during the Apps portion of Autopilot due to the large number of application detection checks.  Is there a better way to handle update assignments instead of using All Users or All Devices?

Jake Shackelford (Patch My PC)

If you configure blocking apps in your enrollment status page your device will ONLY install the applications designated and the rest will come down once the user is at the desktop and using the device. This is generally what I suggest to alleviate long AutoPilot times. More info can be found here: ESP


Thanks Jake.  We only have 4 blocking apps in our ESP profile, only one of which (Office 365) takes more than a few seconds to install.

The issue seems to be that Intune runs the detection for every app assigned as required to that computer/user, whether or not it's on the blocking app list.  With so many apps assigned as required to All Users, Intune just takes forever to run detection methods, in this case the PMPC PowerShell script, for all those apps.  Since you can't specify the order that required apps are installed, if Office 365 happens to be the 59th out of 60 apps in Intune's random app detection order, it won't trigger the Office 365 install until it's iterated through the detections for the other 58.
That's an Intune issue and not PMPC, but I figured someone may have found a better way to handle that situation.