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Thanks for following up on this.

However this issue seems to occur when the IntelliJ update package runs on the clients
Update for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition 2023 232.10203.10 (EXE-x64)

If I understood your reply correct, you are talking about when running the install application.
Is that right? Or do we need to add Pre/post script to the Update package?

We have some users reporting that IntelliJ disappears from computers during upgrade from previous version.
Seems like files are removed, but settings seems to be in place when reinstalling from Company Portal.
Not sure if this is a common issue, or something wrong in our environment.
Anyone else experiencing this behaviour?
We have the same issue with Remote Desktop Client for Windows Desktop on machines with Norwegian and Swedish OS.
Works fine on UK/US OS.
Installation is fine, and works on clients, but status in Intune shows failed.

Appreciate if this could be solved ASAP.