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Logitech Options 9.70.68 (EXE-x64) - Update Stuck

Started by casato, August 09, 2022, 07:31:40 AM

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Hi there,

It seems that the latest Logitech Options update is malfunctioning.

Whenever PMPC tries to update the software, it will prompt to close the conflicts process and once you allow it, a prompt shows (see attachment) and get stuck there forever.

Logitech Error.png

Endpoint receives as well the restart notification with the prompt of "Update in progress..." still opened.
After complete restart software is not up to date, so not a problem with the detection rule.

Logitech Error - 2.png
Logitech Error - 3.png

I'm attaching the logs for reference.


Liviu (Patch My PC)

Sorry for dropping the ball on this one, no one ever replied.

That can happen if the Prevent the end-user from opening an application while the application is updating option is enabled in Manage Conflicting Processes. If the install process will break, certain keys won't be deleted by the installer anymore, thus creating this issue. Here you can find what registry keys to delete.