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Sounds good. If you run into any issues, please feel free to open a technical support case with us: https://patchmypc.com/technical-support.

The way you are attempting to do this is the right way, however, it seems you might be getting time outs from the Intune service. We should have a new prod build in the next few days that might fix this for you. I'll comment on this thread when that release is live.

Our org is using the service to update (not install) third-party apps via Intune. All of our identities and workstations are cloud-joined. I am trying to generate a status report for these updates. How many successfully installed? Failed? Are non-applicable?

When I follow these instructions, the Installed, Install Pending, and Not Applicable columns are empty. When I follow these instructions to load the report into PMPC's PowerBI template, the data is null.

However, when I contact end users and check the Apps section in Intune, it's clear updates via PMPC are being pushed. I'm a test case and I received the updates this morning, so I know they're working. However, going into Intune and clicking an individual app to check the update status is practically impossible. We are a SaaS only organization and have hundreds of third-party apps.

What is the easiest way to get this information?
When starting minimized, the user interface goes wonky. Every time. (see attached picture)

I started PMPC minimized (shortcut) after which I clicked the taskbar icon to watch what it was/would do.
The scroll bar was missing and so were the buttons at the bottom to rescan or start the updating.
After ending the programm and restarting it in normal mode, the interface was ok.

Not an error that is lifethreatening, but still anoying.
Please look into that.
We have updated our monitoring to ensure this shouldn't happen again, and we also added the update to our catalogue last night. If you haven't already, kindly sync the Publisher to get the update. Thank you for letting us know about this!
Yes, the requirement on the Intune app should allow the app to install only if no other version of the app is there. Then the Intune update will be able to install based on how you set up your assignment. I would recommend testing this first before deploying to production devices.
Ok that makes sense...I think. With that logic, could we then set the Update version of that app as required as well and then set the deadline on it to get the result I am looking for?
Hi Swindmiller,

We don't have a good built-in way to handle this at the moment, but you can use a requirement rule on the Intune App to not install if ANY version of the application you're deploying is found. Then by default, we can carry over that requirement rule when there's a new version of that app published to your tenant. If you'd like to schedule a call with us to go over this further as well as any other questions you may have, please feel free to use the following link: https://patchmypc.com/environment-review-call.