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Problem with paint.net

Started by latimers, February 10, 2024, 02:39:52 PM

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Patch My PC Updater flags paint.net 5.0.7 and Teamviewer 15.47.3 as being out of date.

However, I am running paint.net 5.0.12 and Teamviewer 15.50.5

How do I get rid of these false flags?


Still waiting for a reply to this.  Any ideas?


Got an email telling me there was a reply to this from Oscar but I don't see it.

Omar (Patch My PC)

Hey there, sorry for the confusion!
This issue means you have 2 or more versions installed for the same app! you need to manually uninstall the previous versions so they disappear from the right panel.


Thanks for the reply and for the pointer.  Some of the problem items did have more than one version installed. I always assumed that when you installed a more up-to-date version of software it would either overwrite the older version or uninstall the older version first before installing the newer one. Apparently not for some software.

The only exception to this was Teamviewer. There was only one version installed, i.e. the latest one.  The PMPC was picking up on a rogue registry entry that was left-over from a previous uninstall. Once I got rid of the rogue registry entry there's no more false flag.

Thanks again for your help.

Omar (Patch My PC)

You are right in everything you just said :) Glad that everything is ok now :)