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Messages - Omar (Patch My PC)

Hi there,

Control Up will be updated in today's catalog update 😊
Hey there!
We have fixed the URL of DoxBox, thanks for the heads up!

QuotePS: a feature where you can select new installed apps not to be C: but some drive i like would be nice, try to keep c: as clean as possible and have user profile and all apps i can on other drives ;)
It's not possible right now to do this :( But for now you can disable the silent installation for these apps and install them manually in the location you want, then enable the silent installation again and they should always update in the new location in the future :)
Hi there,
We just replaced "/qb" to "/qn" for this one, the change will be in tomorrow's catalog update :) 
Thank you very much :)
Hey Bill, thanks for all the info! Glad it's working fine for you now :) 
Can I ask you what's exactly the process name (exe) of Crashplan from "details panel" in Task Manager?
OBS Studio requires a lot of software to be closed before updating! Some of the software are:

Github Desktop
Google Drive
Jabra Direct
Logi Tune
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

Try closing all/any of these software if you have them, if it still didn't work then please run this update manually and it will tell you which software exactly that is preventing the update on your system until it's closed.
Hi there,
Please tell us what are these programs exactly!
Adobe Flash is discounted for almost 2 years, it will be removed from our list in the next update of Patch My PC 
Looks like they pulled this one for now to all the way back to ccsetup591.zip !
So will wait a day or two, maybe they will add 6.02 back again.
It's updated now, thank you!
So sorry about this! It's fixed now, thank you :) 
There is an "expand/collapse all" button when you click the 3 lines in front of any of the category :)
Hey Stefan,
Thanks for the heads up! We just updated it to v9.0 :)