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PMPC Advanced Insights loading delay

Started by sundi712, March 25, 2024, 01:26:06 PM

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Anyone have an idea why the advanced insights pages would load so slow? Most pages are performing like this.

Raunak Desai (Patch My PC)

Hey Sundi,

Thank you for reaching out to support.

All of your client data, software update compliance data, application data etc. is read directly from your ConfigMgr SQL server, which I believe is not installed on your Advanced Insights Server. The bottleneck here is likely how fast your advanced insights server can read from the ConfigMgr SQL server.

If your ConfigMgr Console is slow this might be because your SQL server needs more resources / faster storage etc. Otherwise, if performance inside the ConfigMgr console is good then Network speeds between your Advanced Insights server and your ConfigMgr SQL server could be the culprit.

Also, it will be worth testing the compatibility level changes too, we have seen this improve performance before.

So just to clarify, the Advanced Insights product itself requires very few resources to run, any upgrades to specs should be made to your ConfigMgr SQL server, you might find this link useful Site size and performance guidelines - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Learn

As for the Microsoft Updates, you can go back to this page at any time to tick this box and update hardware inventory settings.