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Are you referring to installing the Patch My PC tool here? Or is this for an app that was created by our publisher?

We would need some more information here to determine what's going on.

There is a problem with the installation. It doesn't create any desktop icon or start menu item and the firewall rules aren't set during the installation.

Can someone confirm this problem?
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Last post by SDKat - June 11, 2024, 08:46:19 AM
I've been using Patch for quite a while, mostly without issues.  But recently, things have gone downhill.  Today, it wants me to DOWNGRADE 7.Zip (I have 24,06, it wants to install 24.05), AND it's telling me my latest version of VLC (3.0.20) ISN'T the version it actually is.  Why?  If it's not going to be accurate, why am I even using it?
Hello there,

Modifying some customization options on content that has already been published, such as appending the command line, will require the content to be republished for the change(s) to take effect:


For Intune content, it can be quicker to delete the existing application(s) from Intune using the Application Manager Utility and running another sync to recreate the app content with a new ID.

The ScriptRunner log on the endpoint will show any/all command lines the content is actually executing with, which can be found here:

I just modified the Splunk Intune App with command line parameters and run the Publishing Service sync.

I see the app in Intune but when I deploy it to some endpoints, the installation does not include those command line parameters.

Is there any way to check local logs on the endpoint to see if effectively the parameters were omited?

Hi Brenden,

You are free to use Scriptrunner to do the notifications, but we cannot offer any support for using Scriptrunner in this manner.
I have a similar question to another post (linked below), but the answer was not a direct "no" so I am hoping for clarification.


My team and I recently started testing deployment of applications via Patch My PC (have been pushing 3rd Party updates for a while).  We currently use PSADT (Powershell App Deploy Toolkit) and its Welcome Prompt/Deferral Window but would like to switch to the Patch My PC notification window instead.

Is there a way we could incorporate it into our existing applications and packages without having to migrate everything to Patch My PC?  We are trying to avoid two different Notification/Deferral experiences for our users.

If we could use the Script Runner to accomplish this that would be great.  Or if there were a powershell function we could integrate into PSADT to mimic the experience that would be even better.

I'm hoping we'll have a Player update this week. We are having to purchase a license for workstation to get access to the full download, as the only option we've found without purchasing a license is a stripped-down MSI, not the full installer.
As the user above mentioned, this post is regarding the fact that the Publisher is still referencing an old version. The latest version came out several weeks ago for both Player and Workstation but for some reason you guys only updated the catalog for Workstation.