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Just FYI, Visual Studio Code fails to update to 1.88.2 because the latest version of VS Code is 1.88.1
This problem can be solved by Uninstalling version 0.77 of PuTTY.  The Change Log for PuTTY 0.78 reports that version 0.77 is not uninstalled by the 0.78 installer.  OK?  Mine works fine on PMPC now!  Thanks!   ;)
I concur with jwoods.  I have the same problem.  Perhaps PuTTY is reporting itself as the wrong version internally.  I will look into this.  Thanks.
This isn't a huge issue for me because I use Visual Studio Code daily and I check for updates to VS code constantly.  However, I thought you might like to know that VS Code is not detected by PatchMyPC on my Windows 10 PC, even when I check the box for it.  I believe this has everything to do with the path VS Code was installed in.  There was a time when I had two instances of VS Code installed, simply because PatchMyPC would install it at a different location than where VS Code was installed from the Microsoft Windows installer.  The instance that PatchMyPC installed would update automatically, but the original instance would not, so I would have to do it manually.  The path to my current instance of VS Code executable is "C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code\Code.exe" and I know that sounds weird.  It seems like it should be installed in the "C:\Program Files" directory somewhere, but it is not, and I seem to recall that reinstalling VS Code does not put it in this directory/folder.  Anyway, I thought you might like to know.  I love PatchMyPC Updater!  Thank you so much for providing this extremely useful and powerful tool to all of us!
Now I have two detection messages for Opera: Opera Stable 69.0.3686.49  -  69.0.3686.49 and Opera Stable 69.0.3686.57  -  69.0.3686.57 but the version that I have installed that seems to work correctly is Version:69.0.3686.77 and I am using Windows 10 Home 64-bit.  I hope you find this information helpful.  Thank you!   :)

First of all, Patch My PC is reporting Opera as "Opera Stable 69.0.3686.49  -  69.0.3686.49" but this is a problem with the Opera updater which fails if run through the Opera browser.  And that is probably why it fails and confuses Patch My PC.  The current version is now 69.0.3686.57 and that must be installed manually because, one again, updates through the browser fails on Opera 69.0.3686.49 and the version previous to that one (was it Opera 69.0.3686.37 ?).  Anyway, I thought you should know.  Just FYI, after I switched from FileHippo App Manager to Patch My PC, I've experienced very few problems, and I've never looked back.  Kudos on making the best third-party software application updater in the world!