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Multiple requests

Started by choman, October 20, 2012, 10:14:44 AM

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First off, I like this app a lot.  But a few suggestions/requests, hopefully none will be duplicated and all will be liked

Two questions first:
  - Does you app distinguish between defraggler / ccleaner / recuva slim versions?  Only cause that's only what I
    install.   ;)
  - is there a way to get involve in the development of this app

The App
  - an progress meter (or a better one) when downloading and installing window patches
  - persistent profiles
  - along with storing downloaded apps / store window patches
  - next to common apps (installed apps) - or perhaps dither / leaved check non common apps (since they are displayed in the uninstall tab.
  - background downloading of window patches and apps for easier / quicker installations

Software (like to see added)
  - sysinternals suite
  - nirsoft suite
  - gow (https://github.com/bmatzelle/gow/wiki)
  - immunet free AV
  - clamwin AV
  - novabench
  - crashplan
  - python
  - strawberryperl
  - seamonkey
  - cup-z (no adware options)
  - pc wizard (no adware options)

Sorry about the lengthy list, I was excited about this app.   I have more suggestion too, but that is enough for now