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So it saves each setting per computer. I├óÔé¼Ôäóm running this from a network location. I went to check the setting and had checked on anther pc and it was not set to skip. So I checked the original pc I had the problem and it was set, unchecked the box and it worked fine. I thought the program saved the setting for any pc it would be run on.

So on another pc just today, ccleaner will not update, and it is not set to skip, and no web browsers were open when trying to update it, and also right clicking to run as admin.
I ran this on a few computers today with java 7 update 5. The program shows it needs to be updated to update 6. I click perform update and it says no updates needed.
I got the new version and it seems to have been fixed.
After this update the software is not uninstalling old java versions. The software stops at uninstalling and then gives the option to perform updates but it will not uninstall. I have had this happen so far with java 6 update 33 and java 7 update 4.