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How installed third-party application detailed report works

Started by djwatson2, January 04, 2024, 03:13:06 PM

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I've been using installed third-party application detailed to find computers that have 3rd party software installed I need to remove.

I can manually remove it via Add/Remove and sometimes it still shows up.

If I believe the app is removed, how can I go about troubleshooting the endpoint?

I know that the end point must check-in for it to update.


  • Use a cleanup utility to completely remove the remnants of the third-party software.
  • Restart your computer after removing the third-party software.
  • Check the status of the endpoint in your management console or dashboard. If the endpoint is still showing the third-party software, you may need to force a check-in or a scan to update the information. You can also try to reinstall the agent or the security software on the endpoint to fix any possible issues
  • Run a full system scan with your security software to detect and remove any potential threats or vulnerabilities that may have been introduced by the third-party software.

Raunak Desai (Patch My PC)

Hey Watson,

With PMPC database scan wizard, you can scan the discovered app data from Intune and Hardware inventory data from SCCM.

The wizard will show you the list of 3rd party apps already available/installed on your endpoints. You can get details about the endpoints name and the version of app installed.

Note : The database scan wizard will also show the apps that are a part of our supported product.




Thank you,

PMPC has made this work manageable. Without it, it would have been a nightmare.
I pulled the reports from the app at first, because it makes nice csv files.

I think my problem is caused by a few endpoints that are failing DDR heartbeat check-ins. In one case the endpoint agent is corrupt with a generic error more associated with windows update installation failures. So, I spend a lot more time learning and troubleshooting cmagent then I ever thought was possible.

If anyone has tips on troubleshooting cmagent failing to check-in, that would be helpful.