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Started by jkirby, October 11, 2022, 04:28:37 AM

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Hi All,

Does anyone know how I can add this command msiexec /i PulseSecure.x86.msi CONFIGFILE="c:\temp\my configuration.pulsepreconfig " to the Application that PatchMyPc pushes to intune?


Ben Whitmore (Patch My PC)


Have you tried using "Modify Command Line" and "Pre/Post Scripts" Right Click Options?

You can try the additional argument CONFIGFILE="configuration.pulsepreconfig" in the "Modify Command Line" Right Click Option and then add your custom config file as an additional file in the "Pre/Post Scripts" Right Click Option.


Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

Hey James,

To achieve this, you'll be looking at using the Modify command line right click option to add the custom MSI arg CONFIGFILE. And you may want to use the 'Additional file(s)' option in the Add custom pre/post script right click option to include your pulsepreconfig file within the same package once uploaded to Intune. However if your pulsepreconfig is on C:\temp for all your devices, then you won't need to do that.

For instance, if you entered the below value in Modify command line (see 1.png). Then browsed out to choose the pulsepreconfig file as an additional file (see 2.png). At the time of publishing and uploading to Intune, myconfiguration.pulsepreconfig will be bundled altogether at the same time in the same package, hence why it's relevatively referenced in the CONFIGFILE parameter.


Gents thank you both for your help, I had to make one slight change to the additional argument line CONFIGFILE="%CurrentDir%\configuration.pulsepreconfig" but once added it all works.

Thanks Again