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Messages - Ben Whitmore (Patch My PC)

We have identified a problem that appears to affect both 32bit and 64bit products for Adobe Acrobat Reader v22.003.20258.

Yesterday, Adobe changed the name in "Add Remove Programs" for this update.

This issue will affect detection of applications deployed from both ConfigMgr and apps/updates deployed from Intune. The apps will install OK but detection will fail. Updates pushed from WSUS would detect OK because they use the MSI code for detection from the MSP update file.


We are working hard to publish a fix for this in todays catalog. If you need an immediate, interim solution, please follow the workaround guide(s) below.

In ConfigMgr, you can update the $AppToSearch variable value in the ConfigMgr detection script - just remove " DC".

If you choose to do this, you will also need to remove the signature script block from the end of the script too because modification of the script will cause the signature code block to be invalidated.

In Intune, you can find the detection script in the "C:\Program Files\Patch My PC\Patch My PC Publishing Service\Detection Method Scripts for Intune" folder where the Patch My PC Publisher is installed

You can modify the appropriate script to remove " DC" from the $z variable value
Once saved, you can replace the detection script for the corresponding Win32app in Intune

We hope to have this fixed in todays catalog release. Once we produce a fix, you will need to "re-publish" those apps again for the new detection script to be effective.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Please reach out if you have any questions in the interim.

Have you tried using "Modify Command Line" and "Pre/Post Scripts" Right Click Options?

You can try the additional argument CONFIGFILE="configuration.pulsepreconfig" in the "Modify Command Line" Right Click Option and then add your custom config file as an additional file in the "Pre/Post Scripts" Right Click Option.

Hi there, sorry to hear you had an issue with the ZScaler update  :( 

We don't look at each vendors update to understand if extra configuration is required to keep existing application settings on a client that were configured from a base install. If the vendor releases an update that wipes your base configuration my initial thoughts are that you would need to enable the same customization on the updates tab too.

The ZScaler update is an MSI - it would makes sense that you can use the same customization for the update that you do for the base install - but this should obviously be tested to ensure you get the result you were expecting.

Unfortunately there is only so much testing we can do for each update from each vendor. It would be worth escalating this with the vendor to understand if this is expected behavior for this particular application. Again, sorry to hear how you were affected by the vendors update - if you need clarification on the above then please reach out again.
Great question :)

Generally, it depends what policy is being processed and whether there is any rate limitation being applied to the tenant during policy processing (the later being difficult to measure). I would be interested to know what is happening in the IntuneManagementExtension.log file when you see this (good time vs bad time)
Hi, I have not seen any specific issues with publishing Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Cont. We would need some logs files to be able to help troubleshoot this with you. Can you send an email to [email protected] with the following logs please?


The following log file may be needed upon request only due to large file size

%ProgramFiles%\Update Services\LogFiles\SoftwareDistribution.log