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Messages - Ben Whitmore (Patch My PC)

Hey  :D

Assuming you are talking about ConfigMgr, the client would need to perform a "Software Update Scan Cycle" action to report back compliance to the database. There may be a short period where the data is not reflected in the reports - a summarization on the SUG deployment may help to speed things up.

Thanks for bringing this update to our attention and apologies it didn't appear on our radar. We will work to update our automation in detecting updates for this product.

I have asked our catalog team to add it to todays catalog release

Thanks, Ben
Hi Phil,

"mRemoteNG" by "Next Generation Software" is in the catalog.

Are you not able to see it?

Regards, Ben

Hi Russell, thanks for reaching out.

Just to help us understand the perspective here - what situation prompted you to make this request? Are you pushing the update for Adobe Acrobat Reader to All Devices, for example, and it is attempting to install on devices that have Adobe Acrobat installed?

If you are deploying Adobe Acrobat Reader as an Intune app, we do have a requirement script in our Community Scripts repo that you can use. This means the Adobe Acrobat Reader Intune app will not install if it detects Adobe Acrobat is already installed.

The script can be found at https://github.com/PatchMyPCTeam/Community-Scripts/blob/main/Install/Requirement/ReaderDCx64Requirement
It really is, please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any more guidance or assistance with this :)
Hey :)

Thanks for reaching out :)

You can backup the publisher settings, install the publisher on your new SUP and re-import the settings again. We have a KB for this topic at https://patchmypc.com/backup-and-restore-publisher-settings

If you need any more help with this, please dont hesitate to book a setup call with one of our engineers at https://patchmypc.com/schedule-setup-call
Hi Timothy, ill take a look. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Thanks for the update! I dont know if you have seen this but this is my go to guide for DO configuration in Intune
Hey There!

Just to add some extra thoughts to Spencer's reply here.

When you enable co-management, you are may be already aware that all Intune workloads will be blocked, by default, for devices with the ConfigMgr agent installed. In order to move workloads to Intune, you adjust the co-management workload slider.

When you move the Updates workload to Intune, DualScan is automatically enabled. This means that Windows Updates will come from the Windows Update Service and not WSUS/ConfigMgr. Typically, customers would use Intune to create update policies to manage how updates are scheduled and installed from the Windows Update service. Once DualScan is enabled automatically when you move the updates workload, all "non Microsoft" updates will still scan against WSUS. This means you can continue to publish 3rd party updates from PatchMyPC to WSUS/ConfigMgr and those clients will still receive them.

Most customers move the Updates workload because their clients are now on the "internet" more than they are the corporate network. If that is the case, you will need to be aware of that patch content being pulled over your VPN/WAN. An alternative solution here, to avoid bandwidth congestion on your WAN, is to use the Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) for any clients that connect over a VPN. This will require some boundary work to ensure internet clients are trying to pull content from the CMG rather than an internal distribution point.

Finally, you may have also considered the "Client apps" workload in your co-management scenario. When you move the client apps workload you are now allowing applications to be installed from both ConfigMgr AND Intune. This means, as far as Patch My PC is concerned, you can publish 3rd party updates to either Intune or WSUS/ConfigMgr.

More than happy to talk more about this if you wanted to book a review session with us. If you do, please use this link to book a session with me https://calendly.com/ben-whitmore/30min
Back again..

The update seems to be working in my lab for Adobe Acrobat Reader MUI (x86) when deployed from ConfigMgr


Hey :)

Sorry its taken a while to respond on this thread.

I am just checking the MUI update in my lab now. Are you deploying from Intune or ConfigMgr?
Which additional parameters are you passing to the Adobe Reader Updates or are you using a MST to disable updates?
Hey there :)

Can you confirm that you downloaded the binary to your local content repository?

It looks like you are trying to publish "CONNECTION Client (x64)" from Bentley which requires a manual download.


Also, if by chance you are not using the Patch My PC Publisher and using the SCUP catalog only, you would need to create a share on your top level SUP and place the binary in that folder. Share Name would be PatchMyPCRepository - more info in the url posted above
Hi David, the issue has now been resolved. You may need to close and re-open the Publisher to see what was missing in the Package Details window.
Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out. We are currently tracking this and ill respond back to this thread with an update asap.