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Unfortunately, HP pulled their warranty API, see more at https://developers.hp.com/hp-client-management/forum/warranty-api-currently-unavailable

There is no other accurate way to pull inventory data for HP devices. For this reason, we can only pull in warranty data for Dell and Lenovo devices.
Thanks for the info Grzegorz. Please allow us a little time to review and we will let you know our findings :)
Thanks Tim,

We resolved this today with Lukas. The downstream WSUS server had corrupt column information for some of the updates in the database. We cleared those up and the errors were resolved.
Ah, we are working on this with Lukas today :)
Hi Tim,

Are you syncing Oracle Java SE Development Kit 8/11/21 out of interest?
Hi AndAuf,

Just swinging back round to this. It appears that Screaming Frog may have always been x64 architecture but has recently changed to x86. Me may have some work to do to fix our detection and better understand how we update teh catalog. Please bear with us and we will post an update here very soon.

You can also monitor our catalog release page to see when we release an updated Screaming Frog version if you would prefer


Thanks for bringing this new major version to our attention. Ill let our catalog team know to test and update this in our catalog.

PS. We only have the 64bit version in our catalog, not an x86 version

Thanks again AndAuf
Hey PS_Alex

We are explicitly calling Windows PowerShell to run our pre and post scripts.

(_sysPath, "WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe")

We dont have any plans to consider other interpreters at this time. If you think that would be beneficial, we do have an ideas page where you can drop that suggestion in with a use case :)


Hope that helps!
ah ok, gotcha, my mistake here, its an MSI - sorry for the oversight, need more coffee! Let me do a quick test and come back to this thread with my findings. Thanks Madd
Hi Madd,

The Intune detection script for the Printer Installer Client will return "Detected" if we find a newer version of that app installed on a device. We are not looking for a GUID specifically but DisplayName and DisplayVersion (see script below if with easier formatting to read)

Are you saying the Intune Detection Script is showing the app as detected on devices that have a lower version installed than

Hey there, sorry we missed your question. What do you wish to manually edit on the backup xml file?
Hey, thanks for letting us know. Ill let our catalog team know. If we missed this update, we will update our detection methods and get it added to our catalog promptly. Thanks again.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. While we can't lean in and help fix this it is useful so we can feed the info back to customers who might be having the issue. Appreciate it!

Artifex still do not allow silent installs of their app which is the reason we cannot continue to include newer 10.x versions in our catalog.

They have an announcement here


You can read an in-depth discussion here


We still have the last update for 9.x in the catalog.

Hello ,

Adding the following command is successful in my lab. You do not need to encapsulate commands that have no spaces