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Discord version Germany

Started by Ulukai, May 17, 2024, 09:07:52 PM

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There is a problem with updating Discord in Germany. Patch my PC shows pls update your Discord to 1.0.9041 but we are already in version 1.0.9147 here !
Whats to do?
may be this is the wrong forum for the post, pls be lenient to me

best regards Ulukai


This is an issue with the NA version as well, not just in Germany.

For the last few weeks, Patch My PC has said Discord needs to be updated, when the currently installed version is well past what it is reporting is installed already.


Omar (Patch My PC)

We will switch Discord to v1.0 only until they fix this issue :( It's been a long time now thoguh!


Discord literally updates itself whenever you start it up, so if you actively use Discord, you should never ever need to use Patch My with it.

I wish Patch My would let me hide apps from being detected. Despite disabling all scanning and updating for it, it still shows up as RED in Patch My.