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Cleanzoom.exe via portal.patchmypc.com

Started by djwatson2, May 06, 2024, 09:03:50 AM

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After packing the cleanzoom.exe to allow for removal of Zoom from user mode it errors because the validation script can't find the program.
I see no Uninstall program is set for the Programs tab within Deployment Types. I think it would be better to set it up as Uninstall and skip the installation check. However, with the portal it only supports installation and/or the check for installation can't be skipped.

How do I modify the Application to make it so I can deploy this in uninstallation mode?

Wes Mitchell

  I checked with our App Team, The cleanzoom.exe is a standalone app(portable app), so it doesnt really get installed per se. This is why it isnt a supported application. The detection methods wont work in our publisher, you could try to repackage it as an MSI then run as a custom app then deploy that way.  The other option you could try our uninstall powershell script, https://github.com/PatchMyPCTeam/Community-Scripts/tree/main/Uninstall