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Opera browser

Started by highstream, October 25, 2023, 04:45:04 PM

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Right now PMPC is showing Opera Stable 104.0.4944.23 in red, as if it needs updating. At the same time, its showing "No apps to install" and "35/35 Apps Up to Date!" During the past 24 hours, Opera has updated two or three times, including .28 and .33 (both labeled as stable versions).


It's still showing .23, so I've disabled Opera for now, although until it's corrected on your end I'm not sure how it's going to go away. The current version since yesterday is shown at https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2023/10/opera-104-0-4944-33-stable-update/

Omar (Patch My PC)

Hey there,
This probably means that you have 2 or more versions installed at the same time, check the uninstaller tab to see if you have multiple versions installed, if so then you need to remove the older versions.


Thanks. After deleting all the .23 entries from the registry, perhaps overkill, PMPC is back to normal.