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Dell Command Update for Windows Universal 4.7.1 detection rules

Started by iviichi, November 30, 2022, 11:51:53 AM

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the detection rules of the Dell Command Update for Windows Universal 4.7.1 package are not working. Intune error code 0x87D1041C. Application not recognized after uninstall.


Wes Mitchell

 Dell made some major changes with Dell Command Update with 4.7.1 and we had to follow accordingly. Unfortunately, when we made changes on our backend to account for Dell's changes, we failed to clear the cache and so the changes we made were not reflected until today. If you republish your "Dell Command Update for Windows 10" Intune App and Update, you should get better results. Note that the regular "Dell Command Update" in our catalog has been expired, as Dell is only supporting the "Universal" version. We'll consolidate "Dell Command Update" and "Dell Command Update for Windows 10" into "Dell Command Update for Windows Universal" with our next Patch My PC Publisher release.



I also have an issue with the detection rules and that is that they are not detected and the app is not even installed on the device according to Intune. If you look in the programs, but it is present.




I had the same issu with more than 1000 Clients. Saw that in the old Detection Script "{'SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE'}" was . After republishing as you said, in the new Detection is "($h in 'HKLM'){foreach($x in 'software'){foreach($s in(gp ($G="$h`:\$x\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\*")"
Now it works.