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Whatever you did, you fixed the problem!
Patch is opening slowly, sometimes taking several minutes to open on all 8 of my Windows 11 machines. An error message indicating that the Patch server could not be found is seen frequently.

I have excellent internet service and do not have any problems with any other internet applications so it appears the problem is at your end. Please help. Thanks.
Thanks, StPendl. Worked
I apparently have two 7-zip applications. One updates, the other does not. See the attachments.
I don't know if this is the solution or not, but it cannot hurt ... first completely uninstall Patch My PC. My version of "Patch" is portable, so that makes it easy to uninstall ... just delete the program. If you have an installed version of Patch (I'm not sure if there even is an installed version), then use an uninstall program like HiBitUninstaller rather than the Uninstaller in the Control Panel as it will also repair the registry.

Then download Patch again (the portable version), place it on you desktop or somewhere it is easy to get to, and execute it again. I suspect your problem will be gone.

Good Luck
Patch My PC version 4.5.0

I have Patch My PC on 7 separate computers and it works well on 6, but on the 7th, an Acer Nitro 5 AN515-57-59EY,It usually takes minutes to load. I'll click on the application, the computer asks for permission to load it, I click yes and then I wait and wait and wait.

Is this a normal thing as it opens immediately on the other 6 computers. The Acer has an i5-11400H and 8 GB RAM.
Quote from: robwolfe on October 28, 2022, 06:07:40 PMI heard from Justin and was told "Omar let our engineering know, and we should be able to get this resolved in a future update".

I hope that update will be soon. I cannot imagine that adding the categories again would be a difficult programing problem. It would (I think) only require a few lines (the categories) to be added back to the program and other lines moved to fit the categories.
Same here! I no longer see about 30 apps that "Patch ..." formerly updated. I'm suspecting a possible legal problem might have caused this. Let us know what is happening or if this is in error.
Whenever I attempt to open "Patch", I get an error message that my computer is unable to reach the "Patch" server. I am having no problems reaching other websites. Perhaps it is down for maintenance?Screenshot 2022-09-26 111152.png
Right now, there are updates available for KC Software's SUMo and Crystal Disk Info. SUMO has been available for several days and CDI for, probably 24 hours, at least, but Patch My PC does not see those updates or install those updates even when manually requested.

I do not know how the software knows when updates are available, but, at least with these two, it seems like it is taking too long for it to happen.
Looks like Ccleaner Portable may be gone with version 6.Patch does not have an update and none on Piriform page.
Everytime I download Foxit PDF Reader on Patch My PC, the download takes a very long time. I realize that this application is large, about 160 MB, but my internet download speed is over 200 Mbps and at that speed (which I just verified is 234.41 Mbps), it should not take many minutes to download. In fact, I just downloaded the application from the MajorGeeks website and the download took seconds, but the Patch My PC website seems to be taking forever. And this is not unusual. For the last several years, Foxit PDF Reader has downloaded on Patch at speeds approaching that of a turtle.

I realize the problem is not my internet connection, it is quick enough, and the problem, I assume, is not from Patch, as other applications are not this slow ... so the problem must be by the server that Patch downloads the application.

Can something be done to make the changes that must be done to make the Foxit PDF Reader download, to download at a reasonable rate in the future?
I have Rufus (Portable) version 3.17.1846. Your application (apparently) does not like this and wants to install version 3.16.1836. Because of this, every time I use "Patch My PC" on any of my 9 machines, I must stop, go down to the bottom of "Patch", and remove the check mark to stop the installation of the older version.  :-\
I no longer use Driver Booster because of their nags. It's not bad software, but the nags are horrible. I now use "Snappy Driver Installer Origin" to update my drivers, and, I believe, I get better results than I would with Driver Booster. That said, Driver Booster is easy to use, while SDI Origin can be confusing for folks that do not have a lot of knowledge about computers and software. I do recommend SDI Origin. It's free, it offers ALL drivers (unlike Driver Booster), and does not nag you to upgrade or buy their other software.
I ran "Patch ..." today and found nothing to update. I then ran KC Software's "SUMo" and it told me that "Privazer" could be updated (from 4.0.26 to 4.0.27). I then reopened "Patch ...", and though it did not show an update for "Privazer", I manually selected it. Interestingly enough, the installer indicated that it was installing 4.0.26 again, but when the installation was finished, I noticed that 4.0.27 had been installed.

This brings another question. Not using "Patch ...", I sometimes find that an application I use can be updated. But then I find that the update is not on "Patch ...", so I wait try the update later, I have found applications that are not updated on "Patch ..." for several days but can be easily found by searching for the app or using a webpage such as "MajorGeeks". It would seem to me that it should be important to the "Patch ..." developers to get those updates as soon as possible and not wait until the update is several days old.

That said, I love your application, have it installed on all 8 of my Windows 10 (or 11) computers and use it daily on each.