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Hi, by our customer is showing , hat new version is available, but in Patch My PC is still not available.
The Users cannot install the Update from the Software, becaus of missing admin rights.
Do you know know when the new version will be available?
2023-06-01 09_22_11-Window.jpg2023-06-01 09_22_11-Window.jpg2023-06-01 11_54_03-Window.jpg

Thank you in advance 
we have the issue , that Adobe Reder is not detectet after the installation.
When i check the installed version, its the correct version. But Intune says "Not detected after installation".
In the Detection script is an wildcard and I am not sure if this is recognsed correctly. $z='Adobe Acrobat* (64-bit)'. Detection Script says Found:False
Can someone help

Solved: Removed the Wildcard in the Detectionscript and after the Win32 was created in Intune, i changed the Detectionscript. It works.  PatchMyPC have to fix this Script