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Messages - Cody Mathis (Patch My PC)

Can you please send us the zip file from the 'Collect Diagnostics' button on the general tab? Also, if you can get the PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.log from a client that tries to run that install, that would be good too.

Send them to [email protected], please.

This issue was resolved by Microsoft at this time. The latest PowerToys installer that Patch My PC provides should work as expected.

This is a known issue that we have listed below. You can search for PowerToys and find it. We have removed this product from the catalog until it is resolved.

Hello, this is a known limitation of the MSP-type files in our Publisher.

It is something we are actively working to improve.
Hello, WSUS does not use package.xml

All the parameters are passed as arguments directly to scriptrunner and /installpackage is not used.
Hi there,

This forum is for support relating to the Patch My PC product and catalog.

A question like this might be better served on the WinAdmins Discord (https://discord.gg/winadmins), or on https://reddit.com/r/sccm

We do not provide support for troubleshooting Windows 10.

This forum is for the Patch My PC product that we sell.
Hi there!

What is the specific file that is triggering this?

I suspect this is PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.exe. This file is updated somewhat regularly and because of this Symantec will trigger on it occasionally. Note the 'Current Reputation' and 'Historical Reputation' that 'There is some evidence that this file is trustworthy'

When we first update this binary we see the occasional customer who will have this flagged. As more customers update and Symantec is aware of the file the alerts stop based n their updated definitions.

For more context, ScriptRunner is our wrapper for doing installations and does have bits of code that can do a lot of tasks as system and can be a trigger to AV. This includes user impersonation and querying various bits of system information.

Are you possibly able to trust a signing certificate?

We do not officially support using this for other purposes, but you are more than welcome to interpret the package.xml files and attempt to use them for your own purposes assuming you have a PMPC licence.

We would not provide support.

This is due to a bug that was introduced in version of the publisher.

We have just released version of the Publisher which resolves this issue.

Can you please update and try again?

This is a very interesting idea!

Can you please submit this on our idea portal?


Any details you can provide would be great.
Pre-3.0 is effectively a different app and is not an 'update' but rather an 'upgrade' which would require an uninstall of the old and install of the new. This is why we have this limitation in place. Our updates must support a clean update from a previous version.

Regarding UWP applications, this is not something that is currently on our roadmap.

The current version of Google Chrome in our catalog is 90.0.4430.93. You may have an issue with your current Publisher installation or configuration if you are not seeing this version.

Can you please send your patchmypc.log file from the installation directory of the publisher to [email protected]


This will definitely work!

It will rely on the package.xml file being available, as well as the DLL Files which are packaged alongside scriptrunner.

We also recently made changes so that the default behavior of scriptrunner is /installpackage which means if you have all the files in place you can simply double click scriptrunner.

If you are unable to get this to work I encourage you to put in a support ticket with the below link with details.