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Chrome, CDBurnerXP, & 7zip issues

Started by LittlBUGer, May 08, 2014, 11:45:21 AM

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I've noticed these issues for a while now and figured I'd finally chime in about them. Chrome and CDBurnerXP for the past few weeks (at least) haven't worked right at all. The Chrome download file is way too small and gives an immediate error when it tries to install. CDBurnerXP seems to download fine, but it either goes to a black command prompt which goes nowhere and does nothing (seems to happen mostly on Windows XP machines), or it complains that the version is not 64-bit compatible and thus can't install. 7zip installs fine, but unfortunately it's only the 32-bit version you are installing. So if I install it on a 64-bit machine, I can access it through the Start Menu but it will not show up in any context menus which is where I primarily use it from.

If it will help, here are the download links that I personally use (with a program called Ketarin) to get the latest versions of each of the files. These files install with no problems on any machine I've tried (Windows XP through 8, 64-bit or not).

*7zip is the exception as I use FileHippo to get the latest version through Ketarin. But note that the 64-bit version is an .msi file instead of a .exe

Google Chrome: https://dl.google.com/tag/s/appguid%3D%7B8A69D345-D564-463C-AFF1-A69D9E530F96%7D%26iid%3D%7B74DFD8C5-C533-9EFB-DFB3-5338F28CAEC1%7D%26lang%3Den%26browser%3D2%26usagestats%3D0%26appname%3DGoogle%2520Chrome%26needsadmin%3Dtrue/update2/installers/ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe

*that link gets Chrome in English language, no usagestats selected/opted, and forces it to require admin rights (UAC prompt - it won't work if it doesn't have this I've found).

CDBurnerXP: http://download.cdburnerxp.se/minimal/f21a7a5a0ade799620cf03c3bd3ab0f2/536bc1f5/cdbxp_setup_4.5.3.4746_minimal.exe

*that link will vary due to the randomized numbers in there, and it's the minimal install so it doesn't include the extra OpenCandy crap. It's the 32-bit version that is also 64-bit compatible.

If PatchMyPC can be updated with the appropriate fixes so I don't have to manually install these programs all of the time, that would be great!  :-)

UPDATE: Also, though I know at this point there's nothing to be done, but MalwareBytes is still on the 'old' version and not the new 2.0 version (which I dislike). But from what I've read, there's no command-line arguments yet for it to be installed, but maybe I'm wrong. I can handle this as an exception for now though. The ones above would be nice if updated though.  ;-)

Thank you.

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

This should be fixed in the next update