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how to update some intune applications automatically and others not ?

Started by kyuzo, July 27, 2022, 02:44:26 AM

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My scenario :
I have two intune applications X and Y that must always be present in the users' pc, therefore with the assignments on required.
The X application must always be kept up to date while the Y must never be updated.
At the moment the system if it finds a higher version automatically adds the new version in my intune and associates it with the assignments of the old version (the self update is already disabled for all applications)
However, this behavior suits me only for the X application.

How to update some intune applications automatically and others not ?

NB. from what I understand the "Intune Updates" tab should only be used if there are apps in the "Intune Apps" tab with "available" and not "required" assignments
NB2: I can probably set the update to pause via the "Pause Product Updates" option, but I can only set the pause for 6 months

Liviu (Patch My PC)

Hello kyuzo,

If you want to automatically update application X, I would do the following:
1. Assign the Intune App. If you assign it as Required, each newer version published by PMPC will automatically set that assignment with each new version.
If you assign app X as Available (so that people may install it from the Company Portal if they so choose), I would then assign the Intune Update for app X as required to devices. that way, all devices which have the app install, will get the update.

As for the the application Y, which should not get updated automatically, I would do the following.
1. Assign the Intune App as required so that it installs automatically for the devices which need it.
2. In PMPC, I would then locate application Y from the Intune Apps tab, right click on it, and choose "Override Win32 Application options".
3. Here I would untick the second option "Copy the assignments from previously created applications...."
4. This way, when a newer version of Application Y will be created by PMPC, the assignments will not be copied over. And then it will be up to you when the assignments should take place.


thank you very much Liviu!!  ;D
I missed the "Override Win32 Application" option, yours seems to me an excellent solution !!
The only flaw is that in this way my intune will gorge on unused apps, maybe I can combine disabling copying permissions with the "Pause Product Updates" option