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Can we get VMware Remote Console updated to 12.0.2 in the catalog?  It was released on 7/5 and contains a few security fixes.


Thank you
The last few updates for the Zoom Client for VDI have resulted in the previous version being detected as needed and reinstalled after updating to the latest version.  This results in two versions being installed simultaneously.

Zoom Client for VDI 5.11.21376 is installed and updated to 5.11.21410
During the next round of updates, 5.11.21376 is installed again over top of 5.11.21410 despite showing as superseded

In programs and features, both versions are shown as installed.

I have had Patch My PC set to sync updates for Adobe Acrobat 2020 Classic for quite some time, but nothing appears to actually be pulled down when I run a sync.  I just tried re-publishing updates for this product and manually syncing to be sure.  Have any updates for this actually been published by Patch My PC?

Thank you
Quote from: Andrew Jimenez on September 11, 2020, 01:51:32 PM
We are not superseding Citrix Receiver LTSR at this time because Receiver LTSR is still supported, once Receiver LTSR falls out of support, we will likely supersede it with the latest Workspace LTSR.

Since Receiver 4.9 LTSR went EOL as of 12/31/20, is there any update on having the Workspace 1912 LTSR update package supersede it?

Thank you
I would argue that if I am using a tool like this to patch Workspace LTSR, haven't bothered to disable the native auto update, and get put back on non LTSR, then that's on me..., but I see what you're saying.

Perhaps a nested OR for folks with AutoUpdate turned off that checks to see if AutoUpdate\Banned = True AND DisplayVersion is <1913.0.0.0 could work.

Thank you for your reply
So after taking a look at the applicability rules, it appears that Workspace LTSR also looks for the LTSROnly value =equal to True in the registry, where as the 4.9 LTSR package did not.  We had auto update disabled via GPO, which precludes us from setting this value using the Citrix ADMX, but I suppose I could set it with a GPO registry preference.  I would prefer to not have to enable the native auto updater in order to get a match for this setting.

Additionally, it would also still be nice if the package could see installs of the Receiver 4.9 LTSR as applicable for this package instead of only looking for Workspace installs.

Thank you
The new Citrix Workspace LTSR 19.12.1000.0 package released on 7/21/2020 appears to have the following detection issues:

  • It should supersede the Citrix Receiver 4.9 LTSR CUx packages and show as needed on devices with this package
  • It does not detect pre-existing installs of Citrix Workspace LTSR (CU1 or pre CU1), so they cannot be updated with this package

ETA: The pre-existing installs of Receiver 4.9 LTSR and Workspace 1912 LTSR are system wide installs, not per user.

Thank you