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9.0.6 was released less than two month ago:

The branche is still active. We will migrate to 9.1 next year.

 The  last version of Splunk Universal Forwarder 9.0.* ismissing from the catalog. Can you please add it?
The following package all fail to sync because of digest failures:

  • Python 3.8.9 (x64)
  • Python 3.8.9 (x86)
  • Python 3.8.9 (x64)
  • Python 3.8.9 (x86)
  • Google Chrome 89.0.4389.90 (x64)
  • Google Chrome 89.0.4389.90 (x86)
Ho I see, sorry about that i didn't know some rules wont show up un SCUP interface.
Are you sure about 3.9?
Because the "Python 3.9.2 (x64)" "Python 3.9.2 (x86)" I just synchronized have empty "Installable Rules" and the "Installed Rules"
Ok, perfect, are you going to fix all the versions or only the new ones?

Until Python 3.8.5 everything was working perfectly, but since then, all versions (3.8.6, 3.8.7, 3.8.8, 3.9.2) are missing the "Installable Rules" and the "Installed Rules"
There is absolutly no check on "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Python\PythonCore\3.8" keys

This lead tu unwanted installations on servers where Python 3.6 is present.

Is this wanted or a mistake?


We have multiples reports of this problem in our infrastructure of multiples versions after using your SSMS SCUP Patch.

as you can see on this page:

You have two setups for Microsoft SQL Management Studio
"SSMS-Setup-ENU.exe" (A full installation that does not always uninstall the previous version)
"SSMS-Setup-ENU-Upgrade.exe" (that upgrade SSMS to the latest version and does not let the previous one)

Maybe the second one is a better candidate for a patch?